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Just as Toronto applies political band aids on the burn marks of humiliation for the appalling circus antics of Mayor Rob Ford, the CBC’s cutting edge show called Doc Zone aired a new political scorcher last night in an expose called ‘The Condo Game’.

This documentary explores how the political economy shapes our urban environment, including the profiteering of developers who build ‘cheap’ super towers that serve not buyers, but the international commodities market with zero regard for the integrity of their product. It also explores how the Province’s Ontario Municipal Board operates using an approvals process that offers zero socio-economic benefit to the local community, while usurping Toronto’s Planning Department as it struggles to manage an exponential building boom while collapsing under the pressures of an ill-conceived amalgamation of six municipalities dating from 1998.

Here’s a link to Doc Zone’s ‘The Condo Game

This is worth watching.

Did you know in 2012 in Toronto there were 237 high-rise projects with units totalling 60,713 under construction of which 88 percent were sold as of December 31st? Compare that to the 10,575 high-rise units which were delivered throughout last year, and that means – to our horror – there are six times the number of units to be delivered in our near future than were completed in 2012. That’s astonishing!

We wrote about this, and other startling revelations in our Spring/Summer 2013 Forecast called  Be Wary of the Condo Crunch.

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