The Common Espresso Bar On College Street

College Street / Little Italy, Dufferin Grove / Bloorcourt Village, Little Portugal

Situated at the nexus of the Brockton Village and Dufferin Grove neighbourhoods, The Common Espresso Bar at 1071 College Street is the original incarnation of this particular brand of sweet cafe/workspace; its sister location opened to the north on Bloor St West in 2012. A truly beloved little space which offers a gentle and light-filled opportunity to unwind or delve into whichever pet project you've got on the go, The Common is uniquely enigmatic – there's no trace of a menu on the wall. The friendly staff are happy to make “pretty much anything you'd like”, so ask away. The focus here, as in any good neighbourhood java stop is the coffee, but sandwiches and other light fare can be had as well. When you add the fact that they carry fresh baked goods from nearby Pain Perdu bakery at 736 St Clair Ave. West, near Christie, you've got a winning combination. Best be early, lest only the crumbs remain – especially if we at urbaneer have been in for a visit!



Whether you choose the buttery Pain Perdu croissants or their super fresh melt-in your mouth shortbread, you've got an ideal accompaniment to The Common's standard $2 americano, served up in a Picardie glass, or their state of the art cappuccino, made with Harmony organic milk and featuring their medium roast sourced from Classic Coffee (their dark roast espresso is Mountainview, for those who like to be in the know).  Either way, a truly perfect afternoon pick-me-up for your realtor-on- the-go!



The Common Espresso Bar
1071 College Street
416 546 7789
Open Daily 7AM – 6PM


Along with our faves like Saving Grace for brunch and L'Ouvrier for a delightful evening repast, The Common Espresso Bar is yet another great spot to discover in the Dufferin Grove/Brockton Village/Little Portugal neighbourhood.

Can you imagine having this sweet little java stop replete with such delicious treats and opportunity for repose and reflection only steps from your home? This is a much-desired neighbourhood right now; this fall we SOLD four fantastic properties in Dufferin Grove: An Edwardian Manse (and sold for over asking), A Bespoke Triplex (and sold for over asking),  A Prized Victorian Legal Fourplex (and sold for over asking), and Elegant Edwardian Home Sweet Home (also sold for over asking)!

Have we piqued your interest in this neighbourhood or any of the other great Toronto neighbourhoods we specialize in? We welcome hearing from you!

~ the urbaneer team

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