Queen West Art Cache Part 2

Queen West

I received an email yesterday from a client expressing admiration for my weekend acquisitions by 7 talented artists at the Queen West Art Crawl, who posed the question: “Where do you put small Art?”

So today I’d like to share with you how I like to display my Art.

Above is a photo of my dining table. When it’s not in use I create little vignettes using correspondence, old photos, and pieces from my travels. This is where I placed David Oxley’s wee painting of two wrestlers. It makes me smile.

On my second floor mezzanine – at the top of my landing and in my ensuite washroom – are two near full height walls that are side by side separated by the washroom door. It’s chock-a-block full of my eclectic collection. In hanging my larger pieces, there are always gaps perfect to feature small art! Here you’ll find the magical pieces I’ve purchased from Lindsay Chambers (purchased two years ago at the Queen West Art Crawl) and this year’s acquisitions by Suzanne Ernst, Kelly Stacey, and Sarah Tacoma!



Some people are reluctant to put Art in their washrooms. Yes, you need to be aware of moisture and humidity but Art in a washroom elevates a utilitarian space and creates a more intimate personal setting. After all, if you spend a lot of time on your beauty regime like I do, you might as well have something beautiful to gaze at (beyond that pretty face of yours, right?). Here you’ll often find pieces I particularly cherish which are always within eye sight! Right now I’ve got David Harcombe’s ‘Sparkler’, Suzanne Ernst’s ‘Yellow Lichen’ and, from the east coast, two of Rebecca Krupke’s riveting oils.



I’m also a huge fan of Art Rails. I always have my Art Rails (and stair railings) custom made from STYLEGARAGE with a four inch deep ledge. This allows room for both Art and a wine glass when lounging on the couch! Below is my Art Rail with the letter ‘A’ from an old sign, a small oil painting purchased last year at the Queen West Art Crawl by painter Eva McCauley, and one of my Dad’s soothing ethereal watercolours (Love You Dad!).



Want to learn more on how to showcase your Art? Here’s a past post called The Art Of Displaying Art.

Art makes a Home.

~ Steven


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