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Living in a busy, bustling city can be tough for a human, so consider what a dog must think of this crazy, fast-paced place!  Whether you live in a condominium or a freehold home, one of the challenges of the urban lifestyle is ensuring the health and happiness of our pets, while we are busy bringing home the bacon (treats). Recognizing this unique experience, Urbaneer team member, Monika MacMIllan, came forward with an idea!

Monika is a lifetime city-dweller, and a pro at harmonizing downtown living and pet ownership. As the proud ‘mom’ of a happy-go-lucky border collie, Logan, she is no stranger to house hunting with the family pet in mind; we knew she would be able to share plenty of insight and information as it pertains to the intersection of Toronto Real Estate and pets. Embracing her idea, in the summer of 2015, we announced the beginning of a blog series, Animal House, in which Monika would share her knowledge on pet-friendly real estate, provide helpful tips on living with pets, and chronicle her own dog’s adventures in the city. It’s been a hit with readers ever since!



Virtually all pet owners consider their pets important members of their family – that’s no secret. But mixing pets and urban living can be a challenge, especially when real estate and transitioning to a new home is concerned. Pets – and dogs in particular – are sensitive creatures that rely upon us to make difficult situations a bit less challenging. At the end of a long day, it is your dog that provides you comfort; return the favour by making sure they enjoy all the benefits that Toronto living has to offer!



Collectively, the Animal House blogs are a thoughtful mixture of pragmatic pointers and lifestyle love.

Mixing pets and urban living can be a challenge, especially when real estate and transitioning to a new home is concerned. While the process of selling your home is often made more complicated (‘5 Simple Rules For Selling A Home With Pets‘), sometimes it can also be difficult to find a new home that will be well-suited to your pet: ‘Buying a Condo Your Dog Will Love‘.  Monika has the know-how to make moving day much more manageable (‘8 Simple Rules To Moving With Dogs‘) and to make your dog’s transition to a new place a smooth one: ‘Creating A Sleeping Environment For A Happier Healthier Dog‘.  After all, they are sensitive to stress by nature, especially when it comes to a change in environment.

But Animal House isn’t all about guidelines and advice; Monika’s also love to write about Toronto’s diverse neighbourhoods and the unique pet-friendly amenities to elevate urban living for both you and you four-legged friend. From Mom and Pop pet shops and adoption drives (‘Family-Run Wag On The Danforth‘) to specialty health food stores (‘Top Treats For Top Dogs In Leslieville‘), you’ll love tagging along as Monika uncovers the city’s quality pet-friendly amenities. She even shares which groomers and daycares she thinks are the cat’s meow! But Logan’s favourite amenity to research? Parks! After all, dogs live for two things – our love, and exploring the great outdoors, which isn’t always easy when living in a big city. To that point, Monika provides thoughtful rundowns of her favourite parks (‘My Top Toronto Off-Leash Dog Parks‘), while Logan remains slightly less discerning. 🙂



The passion that Monika has for curating this blog series stems directly from her mandate as a realtor: to simply provide the very best service to her clients. Because, while Animal House is in part a blog about urban pet ownership, it primarily aims to educate and provide the guidance and support needed to navigate the selling or buying experience that is unique to pet owners! We hope that, with Animal House as a resource, when the time comes to make a move, there will be no second guessing. You’ll know it’s the right move for both you and your furry family members!



Do you have questions about Toronto real estate? Looking for first-hand insight into pet ownership in the city? Armed with her wealth of experience navigating the highs and lows of Toronto’s market, and her commitment to remain acutely aware of shifts and trends, Monika is here to help!


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