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Are you considering selling your slice of the Toronto real estate pie?

With over 25 years as a Top Producing Toronto realtor – including hundreds of transactions representing both Buyers and Sellers of freehold and condominium housing across the original City of Toronto – my team and I are committed to creating impactful promotions that showcase your property in its best light. This approach creates opportunity, specifically targeting your Buyer profiles. I encourage you to read about our strategies in detail in this recent blog: Marketing Your Toronto Real Estate With Urbaneer’s Steven Fudge.

Social media is just one component of Urbaneer’s comprehensive marketing efforts, but an integral one!




As Twitter and Instagram continue to evolve into sophisticated communication and newsreel tools, we at have been embracing the medium.

Along with sharing our posts on our other sites – [@houseporn1], Steve’s Mentorship Program for university students studying in fields related to Canadian Housing and Design, and The Black House [@theblackhousepei], which is our Charming Vacation Rental on Prince Edward Island – we actively promote our listings and our comprehensive blogs (on Toronto’s neighbourhoods, culture, and every facet of the housing market) via social media. We have hundreds of followers whom often re-tweet and share our posts, effectively broadening our audience exponentially.

Our tweets are frequently picked up and shared, often appearing in’s across North America. We’ve seen our web traffic increase dramatically because of this technology. It’s amazing as these platforms allow us to forge new contacts and relationships with complementary companies and vendors, while exposing our listings – and informative blogs – to a larger audience.

When you connect with Urbaneer on Twitter [@urbaneer] and Instagram [@urbaneer_TO], you’re streamed valuable content and our latest promotions! Below are a few samples from Twitter, Facebook,, and Instagram to give you a feel for the flavour of our campaigns.



Here are a few sample tweets from the promotion of one of our unique urban homes. In fact, this sustainable architectural dwell ended up garnering attention in Europe!





We also post Facebook promotions tandem with our tweets, to facilitate cross-exposure between platforms. Here are a couple examples:



Curious how our outreach is received? Let’s look at one Facebook promotion in particular – and the accompanying ‘interaction’ statistics – to give you a sense of the impact a single post can have! Below is a Facebook promotion for a neighbourhood amenity blog, entitled, Graffiti Alley Is Toronto’s Laneway Louvre.



After 3 days, this post had garnered the following engagement:

6,385 reached
178 clicks

Pretty incredible, eh? We love that, when it comes to social media, there’s no limit to how far (or whom) we can reach!




Are you a subscriber to any e-newsletters? Our blogs, listings, and tweets are often picked up and featured on the of other companies and groups. Here are some examples:





This is where we get to be a little more playful, creatively framing not only new listings, but also important news updates, our latest blogs, client photos, and even just pretty things we love!





When choosing a realtor, you’ll want to vet which realtors have the experience, contacts, and resources to create and employ Buyer specific marketing materials; it will likely mean the difference between delivering you to your goal (quick sale, top dollar) or leaving you hoping for the best (Maybe it will sell. Maybe it will sell fast. Maybe I’ll get top dollar?). With a sterling track record helping clients achieve swift and profitable sales, we reduce the stress of selling by guiding you through the process with detailed strategies and with numerous actionable market steps. And it works – just ask my clients – many whom have shared their Testimonials!


Here are a handful of worthy reads, running the gamut from selling strategies to buyer/seller psychology during my 25 years as a Toronto realtor!

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Celebrating Twenty-Five Years As A Top-Producing Toronto Realtor


Have questions? We’re here to help!


With decades of experience navigating the highs and lows of our market, and a commitment to remaining acutely aware of shifts and trends, we’re here to help! All without pressure or hassle. May we be of assistance to you, or someone you love? Please know we’re here to help!


-The Urbaneer Team

Steven Fudge, Sales Representative
& The Innovative Urbaneer Team
Bosley Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage – (416) 322-8000

– we’re here to earn your trust, then your business –


Celebrating 31 Years As A Top-Producing Toronto Realtor

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