Hello Cupid!


Hello Cupid!

In homage to love that has endured, in our annual Valentine’s post we tip our hats to the Seventies singing duo Captain & Tennille’s, whose marriage is sadly ending after 39 years of marriage.

Click Cupid below to enjoy their hit video “Love Will Keep Us Together” which, incidentally, was the very first 45 record I bought as a child (I know, I’m dating myself). This toe-tapping tune is wholly responsible for making me the impossibly-single mushy-romantic I am today.


Do you love Valentine’s as much as we do?

Here’s our classic rock 2013 Happy Valentine’s 2013 post, our hysterically funny 2012 Thumpty-Thump post, and our romantic ode to 2011 called A Million Lights Are Dancing & There You Are…!

May LOVE be with you!

~ Steven and the Urbaneer team


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