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Life is pretty awesome right now – cuz I’m in the throes of a “Phase One” renovation of a 1960s Riverdale ‘Swell Dwell’ which is well underway and yet far from complete. While most any sane person would be hating being in the thick of a renovation, I’m tickled pink. I can’t wait to see how this Pleasure Pad will turn out!

If, by chance, you’re new to Urbaneer’s Tales From Tennis Crescent, I recently bought a 1960s purpose built duplex in Riverdale. I assumed some wonderful tenants in the Upper Suite and closed with vacant possession of the Main Floor unit. Because the duplex had – some years back – been reconfigured by a family who occupied the whole house, the main floor kitchen had been relocated to the original rear second bedroom and the walls removed in the middle bedroom. In fact, when I bought the house this main floor ‘Studio Apartment’ was occupied by a young family with a herd of pets, which was difficult to see past and the potential that existed. Given I want to keep this as a duplex and generate an income, I decided my first course of action would be to return this suite back into its original two bedroom floor plan like the existing Upper Unit.

Here’s the floor plan when I bought – with the Main Floor being returned to the same configuration as the Second Floor:



Here’s a photos of the ugly exterior, and a couple of snaps as it looks in progress:



Because I plan to do a much larger transformation in the near future, I’m trying to keep this Phase One renovation modest and inventive (including keeping the existing bath tub and surround). Furthermore, having already rejuvenated a Little Italy brick and beam warehouse called The Button Factory, renovated a College Street Movie House Loft, and rebuilt a vintage triplex in Charlottetown (it’s almost complete!), I’m really inspired how this project gives me an opportunity to stylistically embrace mid-century modern with the aim of ending up very ‘Dwell’! This isn’t something I’ve done before.

To indulge my creativity and keep my budget in check, my fab carpenter Silvie Varone and I went to Guff Furniture in Leslieville and picked up these amazing affordable pieces!

This cabinet is going to be transformed into a washroom sink:



This chest of drawers will be incorporated with a gloss white Ikea wardrobe to become a bedroom built-in:



And these fab pieces will find their place in a mondo kitchen makeover:



Aren’t these amazing? And they cost a fraction of what new cabinetry in a big box store would cost!

If this is your aesthetic and you’re in Leslieville, you should definitely check out Guff Furniture

1 Davies Avenue (west of Broadview on Queen East at Davies)
Toronto, Ontario
M4M 2A6


Curious to see where this top-to-bottom transformation is heading? Click on Welcome To The Tales Of Tennis Crescent In Riverdale and scroll to the bottom to see the Concept Images – which are in the preliminary design phase.

And stay tuned for more about this unique urban space called the Tales From Tennis Crescent!

~ Steven and the urbaneer team


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