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I love, love, love witnessing the transformation of anything, or anyone, into their highest purpose or greatest good, whether it be a property elevated from standard to sublime, or a personal or professional friend achieving great success.

That’s why I believe Houseporn.ca  – the student mentorship site I started in 2014 – remains both engaging and important. It invites the international community to experience what domestic ‘Canadiana’ is, particularly when explored within the context of architecture, landscape, design, home products, and real estate.

As a first generation Canadian of English immigrants – who came to the ‘land of opportunity’ and nurtured a better life – I’ve grown up knowing that we Canucks have distinct points of view worth celebrating. Yet, in my own housing-obsessed world, I’m still discovering what those are.

It fascinates me.

How about you? Would you consider helping me explore what defines our unique Canadian identity within the context of domesticity?



Have you noticed that, with the recent US presidential election of Donald Trump, there’s been a renewed sense of Canadian patriotism? In the eyes of the world, Canada has been elevated into a brighter spotlight, with its distinction from the United States more highlighted than ever before. Even Canadians themselves are quicker than ever to differentiate the “true North, strong and free” from the storm of change Trump is brewing to the South.

So, while Canada is enjoying renewed fascination on the world stage, I’d like to participate in showing the world what we’re made of!



In my own sleuthing back in 2014, I found it challenging to find websites dedicated to architecture, landscape, design, product and real estate which are exclusive to Canada. Once I recognized that a site like Houseporn.ca could be a genuine opportunity to promote Canada’s historical and contemporary vernacular, I set out to showcase homegrown innovation and talent, and demonstrate how our diverse and distinctive landscape shapes the country’s domestic environments.



Equally as important, I felt it created an opportunity for me to be of service to the next generation of Canadians, by using this platform to offer paid internship and mentorship opportunities for students enrolled in the fields of Architecture, Landscape, Interior Design and Housing Products (Industrial Design), along with students in History, Journalism, and Art. The aim is to guide students in their research and writing skills, while helping them cultivate their points of view. By posting their particular interests on the site, students are effectively creating an on-line portfolio for prospective employers – or clients – around the globe.

While born from my own personal interests, Houseporn.ca is not about ego; it’s about altruism in nurturing the voices of our future. For four years now, Houseporn.ca has been a vehicle to further the conversations surrounding Canadian architecture, design, and everything in between. To this day, it remains a reminder of where we’ve been and where we’re going.



I’m pleased to say, Houseporn.ca is trending up as it continues to grow in popularity. The site, now four years old, is garnering attention from industry taste makers, the public at large, and, most importantly, students.

Does the houseporn.ca platform appeal to you? Whether you’re a student, a practioner, a patron or simply of a lover of all things housing, I welcome your engagement. Contact me at houseporn.ca today!


~ Steven Fudge, purveyor of houseporn.ca and proprietor of urbaneer.com

House And Home

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