Downsizing: The Challenges Of Finding A House-Sized Condominium

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At Urbaneer, we like to consider ourselves matchmakers of sorts – uniting our clients together with carefully vetted properties to ensure a good fit, comfort and happiness in their next Home! It’s our joy!

Lately, as our clients mature we’re increasingly being called upon by individuals and couples alike who are looking to downsize their homes. In fact, it’s a trend which is growing steadily for both demographic and economic reasons. As a result, our Buyers are asking us to assist in navigating the challenges in locating and securing their next dwelling which shares many of the attributes, features, and functionality of the full-size home which they currently occupy, but down-sized just enough for affordability, ease of maintenance and accommodating the next stage of their lives.



So what do downsizing Buyers request? We recently assisted a delightful couple who sold the semi-detached residence in the Bayview and Eglinton area which they occupied for 30 years, who are now searching for a house-sized condominium. And given the propensity for a lot of condominiums to be, shall we say, ‘efficiently-designed, here’s a list of a few of the wishes, wants, and needs they’ve requested. In fact, their requirements are very similar to a lot of what our downsizing clients requests as we guide them to their next property purchase:

– A separate kitchen beside the entertainment space so the food preparation mess can be contained or, if the kitchen is open plan, it has a half-wall so the dishes, pots and pans are out of sight from the dining table.

– A kitchen with a breakfast area

– A separate, formal dining room that can accommodate extended family for birthdays, celebrations and holidays. 

– Bedroom doors that close fully for privacy and sound isolation as opposed to sliding barn style doors which are quite commonly found in many newer condominium buildings

– A split bedroom floor plan – featuring equal-sized bedrooms with ensuite baths – ideal for hosting family or friends or for couples who prefer to sleep in their own beds (oh that snoring that comes with age)!

– A living/dining entertainment area which is sufficiently large for dining furniture (don’t forget the china cabinet!) and living area seating to comfortably accommodate 3 or 4 couples

– Abundant natural light and good sightlines 

– A suite that is well situated in the building, with a number of stairs or elevator ride time that you are okay with

– A guest bedroom with an ensuite bath (or next door to a bath) that could serve to accommodate a family member or caregiver later in life, allowing them to “age in place” 




It’s not uncommon for Buyers to also have a list of deal-breakers in their property preferences for their next move, including the following:

– Affordability awareness: how much will the sale of our existing house bring, and how much property can we next comfortably afford? 

– Relative scarcity of both freehold bungalows or one-level condominiums both suitable, desirable, and of utmost importance, available 

– Keeping an eye on the horizon: is construction in the immediate area currently underway or in the planning stages? Part of our due diligence as your realtors, is we provide perspective on any mitigating factors that could affect your enjoyment of a next home, including if any new development will affect the amount of natural light or impact to view or sightlines.

– Peace and quiet: how close are those train tracks, and how often do those trains run? Is the nearest arterial road busy at all hours with public transit or trucks? Will these impediments keep you awake at night? We explore how all modes of transportation may impact your quiet enjoyment! 

– There may be deal-breakers within a condominium complex. For example, is the suite adjacent to the weight room with the heavy weights that might audible at night, or is the chlorine from the pool also in the common hall? Is the suite directly across from the elevator where the bells might disturb you? Is the suite next to the garbage chute? It’s critical to be cognizant of all potential factors which could be problematic for you.




Here’s a great article from Reboot Social which describes a few of the things many people may overlook before downsizing – things like fire alarms. And the possibility you may hear your neighbours. And scheduled building maintenance – it’s funny how the noise we make ourselves doesn’t bother us, but when noise is scheduled by someone else on our behalf, it can! Here are 10 Things You Should Know Before Downsizing To A Condo.

Helping to identify and shine a bright light on just these types of concerns and issues is just part of how we provide expert guidance to our clients as they explore their next steps to home-sweet-home-happiness. Are you looking for more info on the process?


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Steven Fudge, Sales Representative
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