Beauty Boost On Bay Street: A Style Enhancement Story

Style Enhancement

One of the services we take pride offering at is called a Style Enhancement. This is the process of advising homeowners on how to prepare their home for sale in a fresh, current style that will help it show its maximum potential and best use.

To begin, we list items that should be removed in order to pare down and reorganize the space. Then, if necessary, we identify improvements which will freshen up the property. These include decorating tips such as: using contemporary paint colours, changing hardware, adding window coverings, or upgrading lighting fixtures. And for those properties which need more than just a tweak, we’ll recommend a capital investment that will elevate the value and generate a faster sale.

After all, don’t you want to sell your property for the highest price and in the shortest amount of time?

We also offer home furnishing assistance. We’re reluctant to call it ‘Staging’, despite it being a term more and more familiar to homeowners. ‘Staging’ usually refers to when the homeowner removes most – if not all – of their belongings in order to move in new merchandise. More often than not, the furnishings that are brought in look like those ubiquitous Department Store showrooms. You’ve all seen it… the same brown loveseat, a glass coffee table, a few pillar candles, maybe some seashells, and a container holding a bunch of sticks. The look has become so common and devoid of personality that almost every urbaneer Buyer we take out to show properties can pick out the staged home in an instant. And rarely do they have positive comments. Will staging help sell your home? Maybe, but we offer a better solution!

At, we prefer to ‘tweak’ the homeowner’s furnishings, using as many of their belongings as possible while introducing some of our own that might be more suitable to the scale of the dwelling, more current in the style files of today’s home decor, or a little unusual and eclectic so as to make the property more memorable.

In our latest reveal, our engaged clients Frank and Christine are selling their condo and moving up the property ladder into their first house. If you’ve been following the news of late, the Toronto condominium market is not as buoyant as the freehold market – even downtown – where hundreds of suites in new towers are nearing completion and portend a potential oversupply of product. This is particularly the case in the delivery of smaller units, where one bedroom and one bedroom with den suites have been the developer’s choice for well over a decade. Fortunately for our clients, their spacious older – but renovated – two bed, two bath suite on Bay Street near Wellesley is coveted; the fact is, centrally-located condominiums having two bedrooms are much more rare to market.

Given Frank and Christine’s condominium had recently been renovated – including the kitchen and baths – plus freshly painted and new flooring installed, their suite needed very few cosmetic improvements. In fact, it just needed some of our furnishings from our cache to elevate the unit into a fresh, contemporary space for the next fortunate buyer.


Here are some Before snaps:



With a truck load of carpets, art, a dining table with chairs, and some fresh blooms, along with Frank and Christine’s diligent effort to pare down, we ‘tweaked’ the space to highlight its greatest potential! Do you agree? Take a look!


Our After Shots:



The end result was urbaneer fantastic. With their existing furnishings, our enhancements, and several items placed into storage, this $679,000 condominium was sold within a week and with our Sellers’ preferred closing date!

We’d like to thank Frank and Christine for being amazing dream clients. From the moment they were referred to urbaneer to serve their real estate needs, Frank and Christine entrusted us to advise, develop and co-execute a plan of action that would enable them to confidently move into the next chapter of their lives. How fantastic is that?

If you’re interested, here are some more of urbaneer’s Style Enhancements.

At, we take pride in offering a comprehensive sales and marketing program that will enhance your property and attain top dollar. Our design service, access to contractors, and warehouse of home furnishings are all included in our competitive listing commission. With designer discounts, sterling trades, and connections to several of the city’s best purveyors of home funishing product and fittings, we are your one stop real estate shoppe.

Have questions? Please know we’re here to help at 416-322-8000!


Steven Fudge and his Urbaneer Team
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