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In the real estate industry, referrals and recommendations are the backbone of our business. A client well-served not only becomes a client for life, but also creates opportunities for assisting their friends and family. So, as we endeavour to grow as a business, please indulge us while we occasionally share the praise of our happy homeowner clients! Today, we'd like to share a 'thumbs up' from Marta and Trevor, who enlisted our services to find their next family home:

Here's their lovely note, reflecting on their experience:

“There's no question that purchasing a home in Toronto is a challenging process – just ask us! During our year-long journey to achieve homeownership, we were waylaid by stressful bidding wars, a shortage of listings in our school catchment districts, and renovation miscalculation woes. But what we discovered along the way, was that our goals and expectations evolved as we became more acquainted with the market, that we expanded our knowledge base and grew as buyers, and that the journey couldn't have occurred without a top realtor steering and guiding us.

As we'd seen in our social world, taking a chance on a property that doesn’t quite 'fit' is no longer an option in today's market; with housing prices soaring and stiff competiton impacting an emotional toll, our steps had to be precise. We had to find a perfect fit or none at all.

Seeking a home that will nurture your family as it grows comes with a lot of pressure; you have to consider your immediate needs, while also visualizing what your future self will want and need. Therefore, finding a realtor that you trust is imperative. For us, that person was Steve Fudge from at Bosley Real Estate. Steve and his team helped us set expectations from the onset, was a true partner throughout the entire process, and was ultimately able to secure us the perfect home, which, to our delight, just recently closed!

Steve was a combination of real estate expert, counsellor and partner on our home-buying journey. What we adore about Steve is that he had the ability to put himself in our shoes and, from the get go, was genuinely invested in finding the right home for us and our family – regardless of how long and frustrating the process! He maintained an optimistic environment for us and provided a foundation of integrity that we consider paramount to building a successful working relationship.

As we learned, it's not easy for Steve to love a house, even when we did – or at least thought we did. Steve is well aware of 'buyer fatigue' and how emotions can bias a client’s desire to settle on a (seemingly) perfect house. He understood our practical needs as well as our emotional desires, so that when a property came to market worth our consideration, he could communicate some pretty effective pressure tests to ensure we were on the right track. Essentially, Steve understands the difference between a client's perception of what might be the right house- and what actually is the right house, based on how the home checks off all the right boxes for the homeowner. In this area, Steve’s guidance is truly invaluable because he is able to gently inject some logic to an incredibly emotional decision.

Along with his data bank of knowledge and experience, he was incredibly sensitive to our needs on an intuitive level. He made us feel like we were always in control, while he subtly guided us – without pressure – to make the right decision. And when the perfect house did come along (as in our case), he made us feel assured that we were making a great decision when we went for it. He’s like the Yoda of the real estate world!

When it came to negotiating and closing our deal, Steve was a force to be reckoned with. His business acumen and strategic approach was seriously impressive, and the relationships he has forged with other realtors served us well. Having been a realtor for 26 years, Steve has the experience necessary to find the best property, even in these frenetic market conditions. In fact, he’s done it twice for me now! And I can attest that both times Steve secured us the properties for sums right in line with his predictions; we never paid more than the exact number he thought the home was worth.

Moreover, it’s the simple things that we really enjoyed about working with Steve, such as his “got it” or “received” replies when on the road, which were always followed up with a proper response once back at his computer. We felt like he was always there for us, both professionally and emotionally. Not only is Steve a guru of the real estate world, but also has a good understanding of the emotional rollercoaster and manages it compassionately.

We want you to know Steve is one of the most hard-working people we’ve ever met and is devoted to his career. Real Estate isn’t just a job for Steve – it is his passion. He is truly gifted, and a genuinely good person, which gives him that X factor! We hope that you too will have the absolute pleasure and privilege of working with Steve Fudge and his urbaneer team.

Warmest regards,

Marta & Trevor”



We consider ourselves most fortunate to have been the realtors of choice for Marta and Trevor, as well as hundreds of Buyers and Sellers over the past twenty-two years. If you, or anyone you know, requires some insight on the dynamics of the Toronto real estate market, please know we're here to help.


~ Steven and the urbaneer team
– earn your trust, then your business –

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