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Steven spent his 20s waiting tables in a pasta shack, renovating houses for profit, and studying at the University of Victoria and York University gaining a theoretical knowledge on housing, design and culture.

His passion for all things housing is rooted in his education. His training path started with focus on History of Art and Architecture which fused into a Canadian Social History Degree, focusing the migration patterns of the city’s cultural groups, with an emphasis on how they influenced Toronto’s housing market from 1860 to 1970. This was followed by an Urban Studies Degree where his thesis, funded by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, focused on Gentrification in South Riverdale in the 1980s. Next was a Graduate Degree in Environmental Studies that researched the development of Adaptive Re-use Conversions into loft condominium living, which included a fascinating psychographic analysis of its residents. Steven admits to possessing a healthy obsession on ‘Housing as Symbol of Self’.

For over two decades Steven has operated in the real estate sales, marketing and development industry, including spearheading Toronto’s Innovative Space market back in the early 1990s. Steven has been involved in the concept and conversion of over a dozen adaptive reuse conversions into loft condominiums, and renovated several freehold and condominium properties. Today, Steven’s boutique division of Bosley Real Estate Brokerage, Ltd,, assists clients in most every facet of their housing needs, including buying and selling, new construction, renovation or style enhancement.

His mandate is to help his clients realize the highest return on their real estate investments, while ensuring their property best serves their practical needs and their dream of “Home”. He, with his team, identifies a property’s best qualities, features and insouciant charm in the context of the future target market. His clients are appreciative of the combination of his well-rounded aesthetic and attention to detail and knowledge of lifestyle trends and desires. And while it can be an intense and sometimes lengthy process it is, without fail, rewarding both to Steven and his clients.

In addition to sales and marketing, Steve works with specific construction, design and custom trades to execute both his own and his client’s renovations. He has relationships with several retail home furnishing retailers, plus his own cache of furnishings to draw on as necessary to elevate the properties he sells. Clients often simply hand their keys over to Steve to work his magic, trusting him implicitly, while others prefer to rely on his guidance and support to reinforce or steer their particular aesthetic.

Steven also enhances lead generation by co-branding his real estate services on a second website, which includes a Student Mentorship and Paid Internship Program for Canadians being educated in the fields of housing. If you appreciate Canadian-specific content – and Steve’s multi-faceted approach to real estate marketing and promotion – consider visiting for stories on architecture, design, landscape, products and real estate in Canada.

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